Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) combine the functionality of native apps with the reach of the web, allowing the distribution of apps across all mobile, iPad and Tablet devices – so they look and feel just like a native app but without the friction of the App Stores.

Here are a few of the benefits of developing a Progressive Web App:

  • Instant Submissions – No more waiting up to 4 weeks for your apps to go live.
  • No App Store review – All apps will be instantly available with no chance of rejection.
  • Reduced Friction – No more searching through the App Stores and installing apps before being able to use them. PWAs can be accessed via any browser instantly increasing app usage by reducing App Store friction.
  • Instant Software Updates – All apps will automatically be updated with our latest software released without the need for customers to update their apps.
  • Smaller & Faster – Progressive Web AppsĀ are up to 15X faster to load and use up to 25X less device storage.
Digiday UK, 2017

Forbes' PWA loads in 2.5 seconds on mobile compared to 6.5 seconds for its previous site. Impressions per visit are up 10%.